Sunday, 16 May 2010


Here we are again. Well, not much has been done to my army due to...well I'm not going to lie...pure laziness. I have, however, painted Kharn the Betrayer:

I have also converted a Khorne Lord. Originally, I just wanted to convert the Kharn model to make him look better (I thought that he needed a much bigger axe) but have decided to use him as a lord instead. I included 3 skulls on the back of the base to act as wound counters (they are just on pins so can be pulled out and inserted at will) as I am always forgetting how many wounds my characters have lost. Here are some pics (my apologies for the quality):


  1. I love the Kharn model. Looks good as-is, and makes for good looking, easy conversions too.

  2. The removable skull/wound counter idea is great... I may have to *ahem* borrow that at some point.

  3. its look goods khorne would be happy