Sunday, 16 May 2010


Here we are again. Well, not much has been done to my army due to...well I'm not going to lie...pure laziness. I have, however, painted Kharn the Betrayer:

I have also converted a Khorne Lord. Originally, I just wanted to convert the Kharn model to make him look better (I thought that he needed a much bigger axe) but have decided to use him as a lord instead. I included 3 skulls on the back of the base to act as wound counters (they are just on pins so can be pulled out and inserted at will) as I am always forgetting how many wounds my characters have lost. Here are some pics (my apologies for the quality):

Saturday, 24 April 2010

First Painted Squad

Ok, so here is the first painted (well, a few details need to be added but the main painting has been done) squad for my army.

I'm quite pleased how the red has turned out (the photo isn't very good so the red looks brighter than it is) and appart from the sheer amout of time it took me to paint them I'm pleased with the end result.

Here are some more pics if your interested: